295/80 R22.5

Type designation: 295/80 R22.5

Tread pattern: road multi-position

External diameter, mm: 1055

Recommended rim: 9,00×22,5

Acceptable rim: 8,25×22,5

Load Index: 152 /148

Max. speed, km/h (Speed Index): 130(M)

Tyre application:
Truck tubeless radial tyre intended for application on the steering and driving axles of busses. Introduction of new compound formulas for tread ply and improved tyre section provide better abrasive wear resistance, reduction of heat build-up and therefore lower rolling resistance.
Distinct circular grooves contribute to better stability and handling. Stone ejecting studs protect the breaker from mechanical damage and stone penetration. The state-of-art design of load-bearing elements provides for even wear and improves contact pressure distribution in the contact patch.
Vent openings ensure heat elimination from the breaker edge area.


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