GAT Super SAE 10W-40


  • Semi-synthetic high-performance low-friction engine oil
  • Viscosity class SAE 10W-40
  • Its composition combines the advantages of modern refinery products with those of synthetic components
  • The base oil composition and shear resistant VI enhancers ensure that the product retains its specified viscosity properties during the entire lubrication time
  • Antioxidants and cleaning additives prevent deposits, keep pistons and valves clean and protect the engine against cold sludge
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions due to the low friction loss in the engine
  • Low evaporation loss prevents deposits in valves, sludging and laking, so that piston ring grooves are kept clean

Use instructions

Recommended for use in all passenger car engines (petrol or diesel), including models with diesel turbochargers and catalytic converters.

Performance data

Mileage up to 15.000 km (observe manufacturer’s instructions)
Specifications: ACEA A3/B4 • API SL/CF
Approved in compliance with / under different label:

  • Mercedes-Benz approval 229.1
  • Volkswagen standard 505.00


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