315/80 R22.5

Type designation: 315/80 R22.5

Tread pattern: road multi-position

External diameter, mm: 1092

Recommended rim: 9,00×22,5

Acceptable rim: 9,75×22,5

Load Index: 156/150

Max. speed, km/h (Speed Index): 110(K)

Tyre application:
Truck multi-position tyre has a state-of-art tread pattern which intended for applications on trucks, operated at constructions sites, open cuts as well as general use roads on any axle of the vehicle.

The road tread pattern provides :

– Excellent road holding in any climate conditions

– Good grip on dry and wet-covered road

– Stone-ejecting studs in the grooves protect the breaker from damage

– Improved tyre life due to extended tread cap and tread pattern depth


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